Boys Basketball vs Ste. Gen

It was a dark and stormy night on January 10th at the Black Knight Fieldhouse, and the crowd was ready for some Farmington varsity basketball. The arena was buzzing with excitement for the tip. The Farmington Knights were facing the Ste. Gen Dragons. These 2 teams had previously played each other in the Central Christmas tournament and the Knights came home with the victory. Ste. Gen came into the matchup with a lot of confidence and truly believed that they could beat Farmington’s varsity team, which they hadn’t been able to do for a while. However, with so much youth in the Knight’s lineup the Dragons felt like they might be able to take the cake.

The game started great for the Knights, with a few shots falling early. Ste. Gen tried to establish the post early by feeding their starting center, Christian Bowyer, a senior who can put up 20 points easily, and he did get quite a few buckets. However, the Knights kept it close. Isaiah Robinson got in foul trouble early, which really hurt the Knights. The rest of the quarter was mostly just turnovers and the opposing team converting off of them. It was 9-14 with Farmington in the lead by the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter started well for the Dragons as they scored 6 straight to get back in the game. After that, things went back and forth for a while; Christian Bowyer went off for the Dragons and they kept feeding him. But the Knights played great defense, blocking several of the Dragon’s shots. Brant Gray of the Knights got going offensively, knocking down a few trae balls, and by the end of the half the Knights had a slim lead.

The start of the second half couldn’t have gone much better for Farmington as they jumped out to a 13 point lead at 41-28. From there on Ste. Gen really couldn’t get back into the ball game, even though they were playing pretty well\; they just couldn’t stop Farmington’s offense. The Knights were distributing the ball, getting stops, and scoring at will for most of the 3rd and 4th quarter.

By the 4th quarter, Farmington had a commanding lead and they put in the reserves. Ste. Gen got a few buckets on the Knights, but they kept fighting to keep the lead. The ball movement of the Knights was impeccable, and they were getting good looks despite some of their results. The last possessions of the ball game were some of the most tense, even though the lead was over 10, it felt like it was neck and neck. Ste. Gen came down the court and got a good look that was batted away by Rylan Files, which he collected and threw up the court to Isaac Tinnin who stepped back with a man in his eye and canned the trae at the buzzer. It was an ice cold move from an icey player. Farmington got the victory 67-54.