New Year’s Resolutions


Let’s be honest. Most people make a new year resolution but never follow through with it. Most of the time it’s put off because of work, school, or just not feeling like doing it. Don’t feel like you’re alone; lots of people do this every year. New Year’s resolutions are about making a goal to do for the new year. The list of resolutions can go to losing weight and getting in shape to just getting ready earlier in the morning. When researching the most known resolutions people have picked it listed to exercise more, lose weight, get organized, etc. Even though we make a new year’s resolution, that doesn’t mean we have to do it. Logan Tucker stated, “I’m going to try and study more in 2020. To be honest, I don’t think I’m really going to do it, but I’ll see.” Amber Turner also said how she had a new year’s resolution for this year and thinks she completed it. She also has one for the next year as well. “My new year’s resolution for this year and next is to get stronger.” Even though Logan and Amber have made a resolution, some people still haven’t. Allen Smith said he didn’t even have a new year’s resolution for 2019, but he’s trying to think of one for next year. It’s okay to still not have a new year resolution but it’s best to start looking since the next year is around the corner.