Flu Shots: Do or Don’t?

Flu Shots: Do or Dont?

Flu shots have been a very controversial topic for years, and in the more recent years more parents are choosing to not allow their kids to get flu shots. The flu vaccine is made to protect against three to four flu viruses research suggests will be the most common. Flu shots can result in mild side effects such as soreness, redness or swelling at the injection site. People with chronic illness are highly recommended to get a flu shot but it is a debate whether your every day, healthy kid or teenager needs the flu shot.

The Farmington School District had a flu clinic both at the high school and middle school on Tuesday, December 3rd. To see the other perspectives of parents and teenagers of the flu shot, I have asked some students that attend FHS and other schools if they are going to get a flu shot and why or why not.

Talking to fellow students there have been mixed opinions but most students don’t think too much about flu shots. Due to the student’s preferences, they are kept anonymous. A student from FHS states, “I think most students don’t think if they want a flu shot or not but instead rely on their parents to know if genetically flu shots work for them or not. Flu shots have never worked for my parents so they don’t make me get one.” Another student from my old school, Smithville Highschool, says, “My parents and older brother get flu shots so I have gotten one this year too. I still haven’t caught the flu or gotten really sick.”

Getting the flu shot depends on your health and what your parents are comfortable with. If you would like to get a flu shot make sure to discuss it with your parents and figure out what is best for you.