Starbucks Coming To Farmington



Starbucks is coming to Farmington!

As of September 23rd, the local Daily Journal released the fact Starbucks is looking to come to Farmington sometime in the near future due to Farmington’s growing population. Although the date in which it opens and its exact location has not been exposed, it looks certain that this reputable coffee shop is on its way due to a job listing appearing for a Starbucks store manager, along with baristas. As Greg Beavers, the Farmington City Administrator, said in the article posted by the Daily Journal: “They’ve been sniffing around for a while. I don’t know if they have filed anything with the city yet and I don’t know what the timeline will be for it to open. I know that Kay’s Jewelry was posting ads like that a long time before they opened their store.”

But what about the locally owned ColJac Artisan Cafe and the Wise Grounds Coffee Shop? Will Starbucks take their business away? How will Starbucks fair in the city of Farmington?

When interviewed about Starbucks coming to town, a devoted coffee drinker, Parker Shinn, gave great information. His opinion on Starbucks was this: “I enjoy Starbucks’ products, and I feel like even though they are a coffee shop they also have good pastries as well.” Parker thinks Starbucks will fare well in Farmington because it is a multimillion-dollar chain.

Logan Fuchs, a sophomore, said his piece on Starbucks. “It’s okay. It’s just coffee.” When asked if he’s heard of Starbucks coming to town, he said he’s heard it will happen before and it never happened. “Now everyone is saying it so I kinda believe it. I’ll believe it when they break ground.” When asked how he thinks Starbucks will fare in Farmington, he said: “I think it will have a good flow of people, but not a ton.” Finally, when asked about how he thinks the other local coffee shops will be affected, he said: “I don’t think they will go out of business, but Starbucks will take some of it.”

Trista Hampton, a regular customer of ColJacs, said this about Starbucks: “I really like Starbucks. I’ve always been a fan of it.” She said she heard about Starbucks coming to town through Facebook. She thinks Starbucks will do well in Farmington because “everybody likes Starbucks.” When asked how she thinks local businesses will be affected, she said: “I think I’ll still go to the local ones, but not as often. Starbucks will take business away from the other ones.”

I do think they will feel it. Hopefully, the community will still support those places. We need to support local businesses.”

A history teacher at FHS, Mrs. Cleve, said this about Starbucks: “I am not a huge coffee person. I know people that can’t live without it. Me personally, I can take it or leave it.” When asked how she thinks Starbucks will fare, she said this: “I think it will do well because of its name brand. But I don’t know if I am super in favor of it because of the local places.” Mrs. Cleve then said this about how local places will be affected: “I do think they will feel it. Hopefully, the community will still support those places. We need to support local businesses.”

All in all, be looking out for Starbucks in the future! It’s on its way, and with the coming of cool weather, who wouldn’t be up for a warm cup of coffee?