How Vaping Has Affected Our School


Lauren Obenauer, Staff

Whether you are in favor of the new phenomena known as vaping or not, it has had a huge impact on our school. Many students and faculty members have varying opinions on the subject, but they all seem to agree that vaping is influencing our school. Dr. Hampton ran the numbers, and in 2018 Farmington High School had 25 tobacco-related offenses in September. However, in 2019 there have only been 18 tobacco-related offenses.

These statistics show that students are making a change, but what has brought about this sudden change within our school? Are students finally warming up to the idea that vaping is harmful? Upon interviewing an anonymous student source, they pointed out that “ever since I started (vaping) I’ve noticed shortness of breath, on the field or on the court, it just takes over me and I can’t breathe for a long time or I run out of breath very easily.”

Ever since I started (vaping) I’ve noticed shortness of breath, on the field or on the court, it just takes over me and I can’t breathe for a long time or I run out of breath very easily.

Many of our student-athletes have noticed this kind of change and the faculty members are noticing changes too. FHS principal Dr. LaMonds said, “the changes I have noticed to be more prevalent in students that I believe to vape on a regular basis, are that their breathing patterns change, their skin color changes, they are more tired and seem to be more agitated than other students.”

Not only are vapes harming the productivity of the student body it is also affecting how students interact with each other. Students who do partake in vaping typically start vaping because it will make them seem cool or because their friends are doing it. As a result, these students are spending hundreds of dollars each month in order to sustain their slowly growing addiction. This addiction is not only hurting vapers wallets but also their future.

An anonymous source who used to partake in vaping has now reconsidered his actions due to recent effects the chemicals in vapes have had on his lungs. Since he has weaned himself off of vaping, and now has completely stopped altogether, he is recovering from the previous health problems. This student is a survivor of vaping and its harmful effects, and he is now speaking out against vaping and suggesting that it is imperative that any student who currently vapes should begin the process of weaning themselves off of the addictive habit.

The students that don’t vape are also being affected because some of the students that do vape are causing issues within our school. The biggest problem has to do with students vaping on school property which has caused the administrators to close the bathrooms during class time.

There are not only physical and mental changes happening to students, but our school is also changing with the potential implementation of vape detectors in the bathrooms. These vape detectors will be connected with cameras so when the detector is triggered there will be an alert sent to certain staff members and it will simultaneously trigger the cameras surrounding the bathroom so the student will be quickly be identified while exiting the bathroom. Dr. LaMonds also says that some of the detectors are triggered by loud noises to prevent fighting or other problems within the bathrooms. Although neither Dr. LaMonds or Mr. Krause were very clear on the cost of these potential vape detectors, they are certain that it is a very small price to pay in order to ensure the safety and well being of the students at FHS.