Knights Questions Answered

It has been almost two months since the 2019-20 school year has started. While everyone has started a new school year, the freshmen have started an entirely new school with different classes, teachers, and the overall environment. Starting high school can be a scary experience for everyone. Many freshmen, as well as any transferring students, have so many questions about what is going on. The KnightLife reached out to the freshman class to see what questions they had and see if some of the upperclassmen could answer them.

Question: “What is the best way to stay organized and to not be stressed out for all of our four years of high school?”

Answer: I can’t help with the stay organized part, but one thing I would say is, just be yourself. Say what you think and don’t worry about what others think. Enjoy life for what it is and whatever comes to mind do it.
Answer: Complete your assignments
Answer: KEEP A PLANNER!!! Planners have helped me so much in high school, I write everything I need to remember in it, so get a planner it’s going to help so much.
Answer: Get a planner – you’ll end up not using it a lot, but during really stressful weeks it can help a lot. Also, accordion folders are AMAZING for keeping all of your stuff organized. Try not to get involved in too many things, but find a couple that you love and are really passionate about.

Question: “Is the elevator available to everyone?”

Answer: No, the elevator is used by people that are on crutches or in a wheelchair.

Question: What does S.O.S or F.C.A do in the school? How do these clubs reach out to others?

Answer: If you want to join one of these clubs, I would contact the officer teams. These clubs are great for Christians in our school to come together and talk about their faith.

Question: What can I do to get involved in school?

Answer: There are various programs that you can join or even just sign up for community service.
Answer: Come to school, join clubs, and do sports.
Answer: One easy way is to join clubs. Even if you missed club sign up day, if you know someone in the club you want to join, they can probably help you get in. Another way is sports, but not everyone is an athlete. Many students enjoy theatre and speech and debate if they don’t like sports. Also, students can enroll in the journalism or television class and get involved with everything.

Question: How to get more info for meeting and what happens in different clubs and how to keep all A’s

Answer: Clubs usually meet on Friday during seminar or after school some days. The best way to keep your grades up is simply don’t stress too much. If you stress too much you’re likely to mess somethings up just breathe clear your mind and work.
Answer: To keep all A’s attend tutoring if you’re behind.
Answer: For meetings, you really just have to get someone to add you to the email list and get the Gmail app on your phone. To keep all A’s, especially freshman year, just DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You don’t have to dedicate all your time to your studies, but find some time every day to study.

I hope people use this advice and have a better freshman year. Remember, freshman year is all about making new friends, getting used to the environment and getting ready for the rest of your high school years. So, don’t stress, just relax and have fun.