Rocky Horror Show at MAC

October 15, 2019

Mineral Area College, also known as MAC, performed The Rocky Horror Show October 3rd, 4th and 5th. This production was one of the funkiest, interesting and most enjoyable shows many people have ever seen, including me! What made this production different than others in the past is how much the audience got to participate with the cast. Throughout the whole show you were reading off a screen above the whole set. This was their way of letting the audience communicate with the actors. Adding to this, Friday night they sold prop bags for $5 to let the audience take part in the show even more, as you used these props from the beginning of the show till the end. The prop bag included a mini water gun, a newspaper, glow sticks, gloves, noisemakers, confetti, a roll of toilet paper, a cowbell, a hot dog bun, and cards.

Farmington High School senior, Jacob Henderson, is the only actor in this college musical who also attends our school. This is his 4th MAC production as he has been involved in Romeo and Juliet and the last summer show, Drop Dead. Jacob played Brad in the show and describes this character as one of the only normal people in the show and really stands out. Jacob describes this character as really straightlaced, very normal, and a little bit out of date as well. And he did a great job portraying that demeanor!

Another thing that is remarkable about this show is that MAC only took around a month to prepare for this show, as the auditions were in late August. But even in a month many things were accomplished and there were many new experiences and memories created with the cast. “I really do love the cast, it is a very welcoming environment at MAC theatre,” Jacob said.

In case some people are interested in auditioning for MAC’s next show, I asked Jacob some questions about auditioning at MAC. He explains that it might be a good idea to first audition for a production with a larger cast to improve your chances of getting a role. Then if you get a role, even a smaller one, you create a niche there and they’ll know a little bit about what you can do. But he also states that if there is a role you really want, then go for it! “They definitely give newcomers a chance all the time,” Jacob stated.

Overall, Jacob and the rest of the cast are outstanding actors and they all did an amazing job being their characters for The Rocky Horror Show. They are all very inspiring and their show was absolutely amazing. They really showed their strengths in the acting career and shows how fun MAC theatre can be!

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