A Helpful Heart


Breanna Mathes


From January twenty fifth through February eighth, Farmington High School is accepting donations for two new programs called the Knight’s Kloset and Sharing Chiffarobe. These new establishments have been formed to help those in need of everyday items, hopefully resulting in students attending FHS feeling more secure and comfortable. What a better way to honor the upcoming Valentine’s Day than by donating to a cause that helps others? And why not do some early spring-cleaning of a closet and give away unwanted clothing for good?
The Knight’s Kloset will be a store located in room five, (which is down the first hallway from the main entrance to the left past the bathrooms), in which will hold clothing and some personal items. The Sharing Chiffarobe, on the other hand, will be in place for students to take personal items at their own leisure, without having to give something back in return, although donations are always needed, lest the Chiffarobe may run out of supplies!
When interviewed for further information, teacher Nancy Weibrecht and student Elizabeth Bequette, both the founders of the Knight’s Kloset, happily gave some valuable insights to this new program. “What exactly is the Knight’s Kloset and Sharing Chiffarobe?” Elizabeth responded: “The Sharing Chiffarobe is open to anybody and you take stuff out and put stuff in. It’s in the ELA wing by Mrs. Nelson’s room, and was made by Mrs. Nelson. The Knight’s Kloset is a ‘pantry’ which has hygiene items and clothes. It’s pretty much open to everyone who needs it.” Mrs. Weibrecht said: “The Knight’s Kloset was an idea from Mrs. Pratt. It will be in room five, the mock apartment.” She explained that room five was the independent living room, and it teaches life skills. She described that the Kloset is open to everyone. A person could go to it of they need something just for the day or for everyday clothes. “If something happens, you
can go to the nurse or counselor to get clothes. It’s also for students that need clothes. It depends on what happens.” She then went on to say that the Sharing Chiffarobe was Mrs. Nelson’s idea. Mrs. Nelson had extra stuff at her home and thought it good for people to use it. “You don’t have to replace what you take,” Mrs. Weibrecht explained. “It’s like a blessing box.” She said the Chiffarobe and Kloset will work together
The duo were then asked what gave them the idea to form the Knight’s Kloset and Sharing Chiffarobe. “It started out that I had to make a project for JROTC. I couldn’t figure out what to do. I thought it a good idea to form a pantry,” Elizabeth said. Mrs. Weibrecht elaborated, “Originally the idea was from Mrs. Pratt. We wanted to go
bigger. We are still working on it.” “Why do you think this will be a good idea?” they were then questioned.
Elizabeth responded, “It shows how much the school cares. It would be nice to know that at school you have something to catch you fall. You know you’ll be okay.” Mrs. Weibrecht said, “Whenever you need something, you can have it. Like if you don’t have shorts or pants.”
I asked both, “How will people not know who takes things from the Kloset and Chiffarobe? How will it be kept discreet?” Elizabeth answered, “You can message those in charge if you want a discreet time. You can go at your own discretion.” Mrs. Weibrecht agreed, adding: “We wouldn’t keep inventory of who comes and goes.” Finally, I asked, “How do you plan for this to make a large impact on FHS? What are your long-term goals?” Elizabeth said: “It’s going to be part of the Red-Cross Knights. Only seniors will have a job with it.” If a person wants to be involved, they will go to Mrs. Weibrecht. She continued, “I want this to keep going till there is no need for it anymore. It’s trial and error. We will learn and go.”
Mrs. Weibrecht concluded: “Over time we will try to make this better.” She once again added, “It’s in room five. It’s about helping each other. Hopefully we’ll see growth between the students.” Finally, she said, “There is a box to drop stuff off at the front for clothes. Personal items can be donated to your seminar class. There will be a donation box all the time.” To add even more incentive, the seminar class that donates the most personal items, (a minimum of fifteen), will win a pizza party, donated by the family of Elizabeth Bequette! Clothes are to be dropped off in the cardboard box at the front of the school in the lobby.
In conclusion, the Knight’s Kloset and Sharing Chiffarobe sounds like it’s going to be very beneficial to students of FHS. Even if one never goes and gets anything from the two programs, it doesn’t hurt to donate! After all, as Ronald Reagan said: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”