National School Counselor Week


In the U.S school counselors became prevalent in 1800 during the Industrial Revolution during this period times were changing many were moving to cities and so on. Before there were school counselors besides parents there weren’t anyone students could go about a question regarding their further. According to this article about counselors, the term guidance counselor was first used, the job required helping students with transcripts and sending letters of recommendation. As we can see now the name school counselor has many different meanings and roles. This past week to celebrate counselor’s, it was National School Counselor Week taking place the first week of February of every year,

School counselors help us with anything and everything from personal heartaches, to helping students plan for their future. They have dedicated their careers to helping students strive in the school system and be successful. This article is all about looking at our great counselors in our own student body. To give recognition to our counselor’s Dr.Lamond briefly went around giving recognition to our counselors by talking with students about National School Counselor week be referring to them as lifesavers. As FHS freshman Pam Marler stated what she thinks they deserve credit for, “helping students through what comes their way when they don’t know what to do”.

I sat down with Mrs.Zipprich, she shared with me all it requires to be a counselor and her experience as a counselor. She wanted to become a counselor because of her own high school counseling experience. She said the hardest part of her job is “is some of the story [she] takes in” she likes to cope with this by finding things to enjoy after school. She has been a school counselor for 14 years, 13 years in which she has worked at the high school level. She remarked that last year she became the 9th-grade counselor saying “helping kids transition into high, wanting every student to have a great experience’. Sharing that being a counselor is different from day to day and no day is the same, and respect for students and staff or both very key.

Mrs.Zipprich is one of the many excellent counselors here at FHS, counselors take certain names of the alphabet to ensure that each student is cared for. Being a counselor is not just one thing, it’s many different things, helping students some may say is their top priority. Counselors have been around for a long time and the job description has as well. They have a much bigger role in our school system helping students with an unlimited number of tasks. Some may say that being a counselor takes heart and patience. So be sure to thank your counselor the next time you see them.