Water Main Break At FHS


By: Lilly Combs
On Friday, October 26, a water main was hit and broken near Farmington High School. The school immediately took action and announced that the water was no longer on in the school. This meant that the water fountains were not safe to use, and the toilets could not be flushed. The bathroom doors were eventually locked and the water fountains were covered up to prevent use.
The break occurred around eleven am on Friday morning. Many students became distressed due to the restriction of bathroom use. A few students even signed out of school to leave and use a restroom at a different location. The cafeteria provided bottled water to students and lunch was served on disposable trays. The break was fixed around 1:30 and the bathrooms were reopened at that time. However, the water was still not drinkable at that time. The water was flushed through midday on Saturday after being tested for safety. It was announced around midday on Saturday at the Sectional volleyball match the water was safe to drink again.