10 Items To Keep In Your Car During The Winter Months

By Austin Bostick
On a cold and stormy night Jack’s car has broken down, he pops the hood and gets out to check what’s wrong. Snow falls swiftly and Jack can’t see but three feet in front of him. The ice and wind cuts at his skin as he reaches the front of the car he opens up the hood and at first glance he realizes he doesn’t know jack about that. He checks his phone, but he doesn’t have any service. He drops the hood and looks into his young daughter’s eyes as she shivers. Knowing that they are stranded all they can do is wait it out. But luckily Jack was prepared and let me tell you how.

Ten Things That Kept Jack Alive

  1. Food – It’s always important to keep food in your car. It’s doesn’t have to be big, just snacks like granola bars, ziplock bags of cereal, bags of trail mix, etc.
  1. Drinks – If you’re eating something starchy or dry then you are going to need something to wash that down with. It’s also important to stay hydrated in general. For this have with you: water, gatorade, juice, just something to drink.
  1. Blankets – During this time of year it’s very common for the weather to go below freezing. To keep warm you need extra blankets and jackets. These are important just in case the heat on your car is out or you are trying to save your gas.
  1. Basic car repair items – This could be important if your battery died or you tired goes flat. The items would be that weird cross thing that you take the bolts off with, a jack to lift up the car, and jumper cables.
  1. Chains or zip ties – Chains and zip ties can help you get traction in snow and ice this could keep you from sliding and out of a dangerous situation.
  1. A spare tire – If you are going to change the tire you need a tire.
  1. Chargers – Your phone is a very useful tool even if you have no service emergency calls are still available and if you don’t know where you are it is easy to find out your location by using your phone. To keep it charged always keep a charged portable charger in your car so you can plug your phone in at any time.
  1. First Aid – This is always a good thing to have in your car as it could always be helpful.
  1. Flashlight – This could help to signal cars and get some kindness from a stranger.
  1.  Lighters/matches – Sometimes you gotta get primitive, but at least have some class about it and use matches or lighters. Fire is always useful as it can be used for heat, to cook items and both at the same time.