Kawhi Leonard: the man, the myth, the legend


A rough childhood to NBA champ, Kahwi Leonard is quite the fun guy. Last year Kawhi moved from the spurs to the Toranto Raptors, the Raptors lead by Leonard went the distance and were victorious in the finals. Despite how long Kyle lowry has been in toronto , Kahwi was quick to take the lead role on the team and in a single season became the best raptor to ever play. Soon after that he moved again to L.A. where he is currently averaging 26 points a game. Kawhi is known around the league and the internet for being a super quiet and unemotional competitor and is a man of few words but is quoted as saying “I’m a fun guy ̈ during media day on an ESPN interview which has since became associated with his brand . Whether its a remarkable play or a bad call he always keeps a straight face and remains cool. It’s a meme that he is almost robotic and his laugh sounds very forced , as a kid his dad was shot and killed at a car wash in front of him which is the reason for his awkwardness but recently he has been breaking out of his shell. That was very much on display when he hit a game 7 buzzer beater to eliminate the 76er ́s and send Toronto into the Eastern Conference finals and he even mocked his own laugh during the championship celebration. In my opinion Kawhi is the best in the league currently, an article written about him in The Undefeated says ̈Leonard is the best in the world. Period. ̈ and I couldn’t agree more. He will likely continue to dominate the game for years to come and continue to be a fun guy.